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Sean Thoennes

Sean Thoennes, Ph.D. is a founding partner of MediaX, LLC and Lotte Project. He also consults with Reality Science. Bringing over 30 years of experience in media productions with Disney to academia, Dr. Thoennes sees immersive media as yet another tool of storytelling not unlike digital desktop editing he helped pioneer within the Walt Disney World Company. His book arguing the psychological position that artificial intelligence is an evolving form of media innovation is due for publication in January, 2020.

In addition to other courses taught on cognitive psychology behind the visual display of media, and digital storytelling, Dr. Thoennes travels to speak on topical issues as a champion for the human side of the human-computer connection. Under the umbrella of neo-anthropogenic psychology, he calls upon multiple disciplinarians to emerge from their silos and share best practices for the consideration of all possible outcomes, while developing technology in the best interest of humanity. The distinguished groups to which he speaks include IEEE, the AWE, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, National Social Science Association, the APA, and others. A former officer for the APA Division 46: Society for Media Psychology & Technology,  he was presented with the President’s Accommodation Medal.

Course: Understanding Human Cognition in Augmented Reality Experiences