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Shane Pase

Shane Pase, Ph.D. is a founding consulting partner at Reality Science, director of technology for Lotte Project, cofounder and executive producer at MediaX LLC new media technologies group, an award-winning conceptual designer, storyteller, Agile practitioner, and currently authoring the first book on the psychology of augmented reality.

Dr. Pase has over 25 years’ experience utilizing human behavior analytics to develop creative and outside-the-box solutions for both for-profit and non-profit corporations and small businesses. By combining theories from cognitive, neural, media, behavioral and social psychology, he is able to provide valuable insights into our experience with, and the effects of, media technologies to create the most immersive and effective media experiences with measurable and lasting impact. 

Dr. Pase has presented internationally at such prestigious conferences as IEEE ISMAR, the Augmented World Expo, ACM/EEE WorldComp, National Social Science Association and American Psychological Association National Conventions, exploring the cognitive effects of augmented reality and immersive media, using new technologies for storytelling, social change and disruption, and the ethics of new media technologies. He has won awards from Epson/IEEE and the American Psychological Association.

Course: Understanding Human Cognition in Augmented Reality Experiences