“I should learn how to code.” How many times have we all stared into space, muttering this to ourselvesIt’s no secret that coding is one of the best skills you can add to your resume, but if you don’t have any background in tech, getting started can be intimidating.

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Luckily, Apple has created Swift, a programming language that is ideal for beginners and coders who are looking to break into mobile app development. Released in 2014, Swift is still a relatively young programming language. However, its versatility and practical applications are quickly making Swift a key player in the future of coding. 

Swift was created as part of Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative. Its mission is self-explanatory—create opportunities that make it possible for everyone to learn how to code. Swift is the engine that is driving this global movement, and developers are already catching on. One study showed that of the top 110 apps in the app store, 42 percent were created using Swift. 

At Columbia College Chicago Online, we share Apple’s mission to make coding education accessible and affordable. That is why we offer online courses to teach you the basics of Swift and App Development. If you are new to coding and looking for your first language to learn, here are five reasons why Swift should be the one you choose in 2019. 

1. Swift is fast and easy to learn

Swift is a C-based language that was specifically created to be user-friendly. Built-in design features and algorithms give you real-time feedback while cutting out the menial tasks that can slow programmers down. Swift operates off a compiler technology that transforms complex code into optimized syntax that makes programming more approachable. The result is speed—both in terms of learning and running code. 

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2. Built-in tools make learning intuitive

If there is one thing Apple is good at, it is intuitive design. Because Apple designed Swift with education in mind, they created Swift Playgrounds to help beginners learn and teach code. Playgrounds is an app for iPads that makes learning code fun. With no experience at all, coders work their way up from mastering simple terms and tasks to experimenting with complex code. All of this is done in an engaging, interactive environment.

3. Swift is open-source

The Swift community is all about collaboration. Its open-source code, along with a bug tracker forum and development builds, is readily available at Swift.org. Because Swift is still so young, developers are creating and sharing new features every day. This means there are endless opportunities for innovation and discovery within the Swift language. 

4. Apple is investing in Swift 

One of the major advantages of Swift is the huge amount of support you will get from the Apple community. With lofty goals and a broad reach, Apple is actively investing in the future capabilities of Swift.  

At their Worldwide Developer Conference this summer, Apple announced SwiftUI, a new framework for the Swift Programming language that will make it even easier to write clean code. SwiftUI uses declarative syntax that works with new Xcode design tools to create a seamless coding environment. And this is just the start of what the future could hold for Swift. 

5. App Developers are in high demand

The market for mobile app developers is skyrocketing. According to research from CompTIA, at the start of 2019, nearly 80,000 roles were available for application developers. This is a massive 10,300 increase from December 2018.  

Because Swift is the premiere coding language for creating mobile apps for iOS, there has never been a better time to get started with Swift. The language opens huge opportunities for new coders to create mobile apps faster and break into the business of becoming an app developer. 

How to Start Learning Swift 

Regardless of your technical background, Swift makes learning a new coding language easier than ever. For one Columbia Online student, learning App Design with Swift Programming gave him skills and insight into the gaming and design industry he had never thought possible. 

“I’ve been a gamer since the days of Mattel’s Intelevision and Sega’s Genesis to today’s Sony PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. I wanted to finally understand how games and apps for mobile devices worked,” said Columbia Online student, Michael G. 

In taking App Design with Swift Programming through Columbia Online, I’ve learned a lot about writing programs that can be utilized to make the perfect app. Much of what I’ve learned from the class can be applied to web design as well. In particularly, design patterns. I’ve learned how important they are to the developer and the end user.” 

Are you ready to join the Swift movement and bring you app ideas to life? Our Foundations of Swift Coding and iOS and App Design with Swift Programming courses are 100% online and begin every 8 weeks. Learn from Swift industry experts and collaborate with classmates as you learn to code, create, and launch your future career. 

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