Why creative writing is more in-demand than you might think

When people think of creative writing, a high-income career is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But for writers who are truly creative, there is no shortage of lucrative opportunities in any industry.

Like every marketable skill in our gig economy, creative writing is so valuable because it is versatile. There has always been a need for people who can write efficiently and communicate clearly, but with the increased demand for content, the demand is skyrocketing. According to Recruiter, the job prospects for writers will increasing a whopping 40.59 percent over the next few years. This means that your ability to write pitch-perfect descriptions and convey information concisely could mean huge opportunities, particularly in technical industries that are led by left-brain thinkers.

As you start your job search, here are six careers where you can put your creative writing to work (and make money while doing it).

1. Advertising Copywriter
Average salary: $50,700

The best ad copywriters are masters of style, rhetoric and audience-specific vocabulary. With each assignment, the writer must get to know the target audience, research the content and craft a message that emotionally impacts the customer. You will eventually develop a sophisticated ear for word association, tone, voice and rhythm. And consequently, sharpening these skills will help improve your own creative writing.

2. Content Strategist
Average salary: $60,000

The heart of any effective marketing strategy is understanding the customer and knowing how to write for them in a way incites action. More than ever, companies rely on targeted, engaging content to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) and drive customers to their sites. Search engines like Google analyze the quality of a site’s content to determine whether to promote or penalize its search rankings. As a content strategist, you’ll determine the most effective content and provide direction to copywriters so that your company stands out in the search rankings. 

3. Public Relations Specialist
Average salary: $46,700

If you like a balance of human interaction, desk time and even fun parties, getting into PR could be a great fit. Good PR writing influences and persuades, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your creative communication skills. This includes everything from writing speeches and press releases to writing eye-catching social media posts that inspire people to come to events and engage with your company. 

4. UX Designer
Average salary: $72,500

You won’t spend all of your time on writing as a UX designer, but you will get the chance to communicate with customers via a combination of UI design, words and visuals. You’ll also spend some time writing user personas. This involves developing characters of prospective customers. The best personas require both creativity and specificity — two keys to all good writing. 

5. Virtual Reality Producer/Content Developer
Average salary: $150,000

Technology is growing fast in the gaming and virtual reality industry. That means a growing need for people who can effectively build worlds through engaging storytelling. Virtual reality script writing offers some unique and exciting creative challenges. As a VR writer, you’re not just writing a linear script. The story can go in many different directions based on the user’s interaction with the world. This means you get to have fun imagining and writing multiple storylines. And because VR writing tends to be very collaborative, you’ll get the chance to learn from other creatives. 

6. Technical Writer
Average salary: $58,000

If you enjoy creative problem solving, research and learning new material, technical writing could be the path for you. Because technical writing is user-focused, your challenge will be to take technical content and make it as simple and readable as you can without sacrificing complexity. If you’re easily bored with repetitive tasks, you’ll enjoy technical copywriting work that keeps you excited and engaged.

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