How a Columbia Online student incorporates his studies into his career

By: Columbia College Chicago Online News

Welcome back to By Day/By Night. This edition features Introduction to Social Media and Digital Strategies student, Nick Olah. Nick currently works as a Digital Communications Specialist at a nonprofit organization.


What do you love about working as a Digital Communications Specialist?

I love the pace. My department pushes communication and marketing out to over 6,500 members, but there are only two of us. This makes the days go really quickly and gives me a tremendous amount of responsibility.

Why were you first inspired to pursue Social Media and Digital Strategies?

It fit perfectly into my current job, and I thought I would learn some new skills to help me do my job better.

What are your long term goals?

I don’t think too far ahead generally. I am trying to learn something new every day and do my best to get the highest volume of work done that I can. I do hope to be at my current employer for years to come.

How are you incorporating what you learned into your career?

The timing of the course was actually perfect. One of the modules was dedicated to search engine optimization when we happened to be instituting more SEO as part of a strategic goal at work.

More generally, I’ve been able to pass along some things I learned in the course and make suggestions on how we can apply them to improve communications with our members as well as boost social media relevance and SEO.

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