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Fall 1 Term Begins
Aug 27


Build your own mobile apps and launch your coding career by learning Swift, a powerful and intuitive programming language. During this course, you will learn the process of development and how apps are created from concept to prototype to final product. You will discover new creative possibilities and future business opportunities while you create custom apps for business and personal use. 

Learn the fundamentals of creative coding with Swift and Xcode. Our flexible, online courses are 8-weeks long and asynchronous to accommodate your busy schedule.

What you’ll learn in App Design to Swift Programming?

Week One:
-What is Swift? What is Xcode?
-Swift playground demo
-Assignment: Phrase Generator Project

Week Two & Three:
-Overall approach to development and design
-Working with graphics, animation, sound and user input
-Buttons, strings, arrays, conditionals, functions and libraries
-Client management, budgets, and timelines
-Assignment: Micro Application Project

Week Four & Five:
-Spritekit & Gameplaykit programs
-Git repositories
-Code resources
-Additional GPS, graphics, animation, sound and user input
-Assignments: The Visualization Project, The Bug Jar Project & The Action Painting Project

Week Six & Seven:
-Project management strategies
-Incorporation of techniques
-Finding example and resources
-Filtering and learning

Week Eight:
-Final Project Due

Required Technology and Software: MacOS X 10.13.1 and XCode 9.2

Prerequisites: There are no course prerequisites for this course; however, knowledge of interactive design and object-oriented programming languages such as C++, Objective-C or Javascript can be helpful. Additionally, having familiarity with the Mac OS is highly recommended.

Matthew Steinke Photo

Matthew Steinke

Matthew Steinke is an artist, musician, designer and developer. Over the past two decades, he has produced interactive content for Atmosphere Proximity, RGA, Viacom, Ogilvy, The Girl Scouts of America, The Fun Fun Fun Fest, Charles Schwab and Cramer Krasselt among others. His professional practice reflects his broad experience in a variety of roles including programmer, animator, designer, engineer and project manager.

Steinke has also produced several experimental media artworks involving robotic musical instruments for installations and performances for which he has toured across Europe, Canada and the US. His personal work and research explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, psychology and narrative as a way to generate new forms of machine behavior for musical expression.

Course: App Design with Swift Programming

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