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Build your own mobile apps and launch your coding career by learning Swift, Apple’s powerful and intuitive iOS programming language. Through hands-on projects and interactive instruction, you’ll learn every step of the development process—from concept to prototype to final product. While you get creative designing your custom apps, you might even uncover new avenues for your personal work or future career opportunities.

who should take this course?

This 8-week course is applicable to any aspiring mobile app developer or student looking to diversify their programming portfolio. While the course does not require any prerequisites, we recommend taking our Foundations of Swift Coding and iOS course if you have no background in coding or programming.

Course pricing and details:

  • 3-Credit Tuition: $897
  • Non-Credit Tuition: $705
  • Fees: $40 Registration Fee
  • Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Outline

Week One

  • Introduction to Swift: Why Swift?
  • Xcode Playgrounds
  • Dat Types, variables, and constants
  • Working with and customizing data

Week Two

  • Xcode and UIKit
  • What’s an IDE?
  • Building, running, and debugging an app
  • Frameworks and UIKit
  • Controls in Action

Week Three

  • Layout and interactivity
  • Auto layout and stack view
  • User engagement and the generative process
  • Optionals and type casting
  • Guard, scope, and enumeration
  • Segues, navigation, and tab bar controls

Week Four

  • The app development process
  • Designing and developing for clients
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • The planning stage

Week Five

  • Building interactivity through game design and frameworks
  • SpriteKit and SceneKit
  • GameplayKit
  • Building AR apps with ARKit

Week Six

  • Efficiency and prototyping
  • Life-cycle and protocol
  • Organizing your code (model view controller, scroll view, and table view)
  • Wireframing and prototyping

Week Seven

  • Working with the Web and testing your app
  • Closures and extensions
  • Animating with code
  • Working with the web (url cache, JavaScript, and JSON)
  • Revising and testing (design thinking)

Week Eight

  • Looking forward
  • What’s to come?
  • Staying up-to-date with app development

Stack to Earn a Professional Certificate

App Design with Swift Programming can be applied to the following certificate programs:

Mobile App Development Professional Certificate
iOS App Development with Swift Coding Professional Certificate
General Creative Studies Professional Certificate

Course Author

Course Author

Bill Guschwan Photo

Bill Guschwan

Bill is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in Interactive Arts and Media (IAM) and teaches game design and game programming courses. His academic work is as a field philosopher of video game design, entrepreneur and game designer. He was a founding team-member on Apple’s QuickTime and Newton, 3DO game hardware, and Sony’s PlayStation 1.

Notably, Guschwan played an important technical and production role at Sony for Crash Bandicoot. Ethics and serious games is a particular focus, as well as using Indian and Greek philosophy to instruct creative mind virtues. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded and created the intellectual property for an in-game ad unit for the recently acquired company, Tap.Me.

Course: Foundations of Swift Coding and iOS