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Oct 23


Design expressive and functional products through creative coding. In today’s world, creative coding is used as a medium while designing. Open source platforms like the Arduino offer an affordable way to add sound, light, movement and interactivity to your projects. This course will teach you electrical theory and essential coding concepts needed to create responsive devices. 

Why Study Creative Coding and Design with Arduino? 

Expand your knowledge with an in-demand skill needed by employers. Creative coding is a core skill that uses computer generated art to enhance interactive installations, all with the goal of expanding your sense of what is possible with digital tools.   

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to build functional electronic circuits 
  • Code complex behaviors for these circuits 
  • Develop an understanding of program behaviors while producing “smart” objects that are responsive
Taylor Hokanson Photo

Taylor Hokanson

Taylor Hokanson is an artist, academic and open hardware advocate. In addition to a record of international fine art exhibitions (Estonia, Brazil, Austria, India, Hong Kong), experimental distribution and authorship platforms (Thingiverse, Github, Instructables, podcasting) form a crucial parallel outlet for his ideas.

Hokanson’s research investigates the promising/problematic nature of uncritical technology consumption in the post-digital landscape. Principal among these concerns are human-computer interaction, computer-aided fabrication, and new models for collaborative authorship and content distribution. These ideas are explored through the design, construction and distribution of functional art objects that subvert our notion of what technology is supposed to do, revealing our own shortcomings in the process.

Course: Creative Coding and Design with Arduino

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