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Learn how to transform data into compelling graphics and dashboards using Excel and Tableau. During this course, you’ll become fluent in the necessary tools to create elements of dashboard design, analyze social networks and generate basic statistics. You will also learn why analytics are essential to successful organizations and explore contemporary issues in data ethics.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Visualization methods and tools that can be applied to any industry—from analyzing business outcomes to integrating data throughout larger organizations
  • Strategies for compiling and integrating data visualizations as part of your business plan
  • A comprehensive understanding of the importance of data ethics

who should take this course?

Data Visualization Using Excel and Tableau is an introductory course that is ideal for individuals who use data to make or influence decisions. Whether you work with data occasionally or every day, this course will give you the skills and strategies to turn flat data into a compelling story.

Course pricing and details:

  • 3-Credit Tuition: $897
  • Non-Credit Tuition: $705
  • Fees: $40 Registration Fee (required for both credit and noncredit options)
  • Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Author

Course Author

Candice Bradley Photo

Candice Bradley

Candice Bradley is a quantitative anthropologist, teaching courses in the data sciences. She received a Ph.D. in social science from UC Irvine, which has produced the most quantitative anthropologists in the US. She studied women’s empowerment and fertility in Africa and has done research in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Bradley’s underlying interest is in research methods and data analysis, which has led her to the study of data visualization.

Course: Data Visualization Using Excel and Tableau

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