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Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Corporations and startups around the world are working with businesses to apply AR and VR to everything from marketing and advertising to medicine and healthcare. Virtual reality projects the user into a fully-constructed, 360-degree reality. Augmented reality is used to alter reality through apps, head-mounted displays (HMDs), laptops, smartphones, and tablets. In this course, you’ll explore the career opportunities in both of these rapidly-growing industries, while creating your own AR/VR apps with Unity software.

who should take this course?

Developing Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps is for coders, designers, and creators who are interested in making mobile apps for augmented and virtual reality. If you are looking to find your niche in immersive media, this course gives you fundamental skills you can apply to a variety of projects. Game Development with C# and Unity is a prerequisite (or equivalent coding experience).

Course pricing and details:

  • 3-Credit Tuition: $897
  • Non-Credit Tuition: $705
  • Fees: $40 Registration Fee
  • Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Outline

Week One

  • Introduction to AR/VR
  • The Future of AR/VR
  • Understanding AR/VR
  • AR/VR Hardware

Week Two

  • Understanding Unity
  • Getting Started with Unity
  • Scripting
  • Roll-a-Ball Project

Week Three

  • Designing Your App
  • Testing Your App
  • Setting Up Your App

Week Four

  • Setting the Scene
  • Scale, Terrains, and Lighting
  • Cameras and Immersion
  • Audio and Visual Effects

Week Five

  • Introduction to Movement
  • Movement Systems
  • Gameplay Mechanics

Week Six

  • Augmented Reality SDK’s
  • Getting Set-Up to Build AR Apps
  • Working with Cameras
  • Mobile AR Ergonomics and Interactions
  • AR Tips and Staying Up-to-Date

Week Seven

  • Designing for the Real World
  • AR Tracking
  • Plane Detection
  • Point Clouds
  • Raycasting
  • AR Considerations for the Future

Week Eight

  • Mobile AR Game Mechanics
  • AR Feedback
  • AR Depth Perception
  • AR Physics

Stack to Earn a Professional Certificate

Developing Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps can be applied to the following certificate programs:

Augmented and Virtual Reality Professional Certificate
Advanced Augmented and Virtual Reality Professional Certificate

Course Author

Course Author

Austin McCasland Photo

Austin McCasland

Austin McCasland is a VR/AR product designer and UX developer based out of San Francisco. He espouses a design-focused approach to VR/AR development and believes that having a solid process for creating products can give anyone superpowers. Most recently, Austin designed, developed and released a mobile AR application (Paint Space AR) which was named one of the best iOS apps of 2017 by Apple. In his spare time you can find Austin in the woodshop, playing video games or hunting down good music.

Austin’s undergraduate degree is in interactive sculptural new media, and he has a Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

Austin’s Work:

Course: Developing Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

"The insight of the experience my instructor has on the VR and AR industry had been eye opening to say the least.”

— Columbia Online Student