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You love video games, and you’ve set your sights on becoming a video game developer. But what do game developers really do? This introductory game development course answers that question by exploring not only the roles in game production and the tools needed to bring your concepts to life, but also the skills you need to market your game ideas. Pave the way for your passion to become a profitable pursuit.  

Why Take This Game Development Course?

Every gamer dreams of creating the game they’d love to play. However, there’s more to the industry than programming. As a game developer, you’ll be involved in all aspects of production, from creating art concepts to promoting and selling your final product.

Leverage your creativity while expanding your ability to market yourself and your ideas.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Review various techniques and methods of concept and story development, including journaling and workshop discussion.
  • Gain exposure to game design documentation formats and the details and requirements of the professional game development cycle.
  • Explore and identify the characteristics of the diverse game genre.
  • Produce written documentation and develop your own game concept.
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Tom Dowd

Since earning his first published title in high school, Tom Dowd has contributed to an award-winning role-playing game, written two novels and short stories and served as senior designer on multiple computer games. His credits include Shadowrun, Vampire: the Masquerade, BattleTech, EarthDawn and MechAssault, and his book, Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers, gives creatives the tools to develop their narrative across platforms.

At Columbia, Dowd develops curriculum and teaches game design, production, cross-media storytelling and game journalism.

Course: Introduction to Game Development

Introduction to Game Development is a survey course that serves as an overview to the video game industry. In it, you'll learn what artists, designers, programmers, and sound designers do and how they do it. You'll also learn something about how the industry works on the business and distribution side, and the differences between commercial and indie game development. It's the ideal introduction for someone thinking about getting into video development who's unsure about how these kinds of games get made and who makes them.

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