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Do you know how to build your personal brand or generate brand awareness in a corporate setting? In this course, you’ll learn current social media and digital strategies for building a brand and measuring the effectiveness of your efforts across social media platforms. Explore the digital tools and techniques that will help you be more successful as a creative entrepreneur or corporate professional.

Why Learn Social Media and Digital Strategy?

Whether you’re selling a product or promoting your personal brand, social and digital are tools for generating awareness. Being able to use them is just the first step. Without also measuring and evaluating your strategies, you have no way of determining what’s working.

This requires an understanding of how users consume content and interact with your brand. A digital marketing course can help you develop these critical skills.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Connect businesses, brands, media and nonprofits to their critical audiences via digital communication.
  • Develop on-the-job skills and identify possible career paths in a vibrant field that blends advertising, public relations and journalism.

Understand current social media platforms, how to build a social strategy, how to evaluate your strategy, how to create effective content and how to drive engagement.

Shannelle Fowler Photo

Shannelle Fowler

Leveraging her experience as an award-winning retail executive, Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler teaches Fashion PR, Social Media and Digital Strategy. Her professional accomplishments include managing public relations for McDonald’s, Sears and Kmart. She also founded Haute & Co. Bridal™ Boutique and REVOLUTION Bridal™.

Armstrong-Fowler earned her master’s degree in Political Management from The George Washington University and has a bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Course: Introduction to Social Media and Digital Strategies

I’ve been in communications for almost 20 years, I started in government relations and went on to corporate communications. When I started my own business, I used social media and digital communications exclusively to drive brand awareness and build my customer base.

Impact of Social Media According to Shannelle

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