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Explore the diverse landscape of the nonprofit industry to prepare for a variety of careers within this growing space. Although it important to understand public and private business practices while working in the nonprofit sector, it is also key to be skilled in the areas of fundraising, grant writing, board governance, volunteer management and regulatory impacts. As a passionate, service-oriented individual, you will develop the fundamentals necessary to be successful at any nonprofit organization. 

Why Study Nonprofit Arts Management?  

As nonprofit entities continue to grow, it is imperative that creative entrepreneurs develop the skills required to manage these complex organizations. Turn your passion into a successful, lucrative career as you collaborate with fellow students and creatives on business strategies.  

What You’ll Learn  

  • Understand how to form and manage nonprofit organizations and professionals in the arts and cultural sectors.
  • Analyze trends, opportunities, and challenges in a rapidly changing environment by comparing and contrasting real world examples and case studies.
  • Devise and evaluate marketing and fundraising strategies for organizations.
Cara Dehnert Huffman Photo

Cara Dehnert Huffman

Cara Dehnert Huffman is an attorney, nonprofit executive, and passionate supporter of the arts and entertainment industries. In addition to teaching, Dehnert Huffman is an active writer and contributor to major art publications and other media outlets, including Chicago Artist Resource, Chicago Art Magazine and more, as well as a strategic planning and philanthropic consultant.

She has previous legal and arts administration experience as the former Executive Director of I Am Logan Square as well as with the Illinois Arts Council, Lawyers for the Creative Arts, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, and other creative organizations in Chicago and nationwide.

Course: Nonprofit Arts Management

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