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Winter Term Begins
Jan 7


Being a successful creative also means being a great entrepreneur. Develop practical strategies for managing and monetizing your creativity in this introductory entrepreneurship course. You’ll learn how to navigate the professional world as a working artist and build a self-sustaining career doing what you love. This course will give you the expertise you need to run a small business, work as a freelancer and thrive in your everyday life.
  • Develop the business mindset you need to succeed as an entrepreneur, freelancer or working artist.
  • Collaborate with artists across industries and leverage their strategies to apply to your own discipline.
  • Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in the arts, entertainment and media industries — all on your schedule.

Learn how to create a career plan, promote your skills and find clients as a freelancer. Our flexible, online courses are 8-weeks long and asynchronous to accommodate your busy schedule.

What will you learn in Self-Management and Entrepreneurship?

Week One:
-Defining Self-Management
-Writing a Mission Statement
-Assessing Effective Work Samples
-Networking and Partnership Building
-The Elevator Pitch
-Assignment: Personal Mission Statement
-Quiz: Networking Skills

Week Two:
-Self-Analysis by Personal SWOT
-The Value of Mentorship
-Cultivating Leadership Skills
-Developing a Career Plan
-Assignment: Mentor Interview Questions

Week Three:
-Time Management
-Building an Online Portfolio
-Project Management
-Assignment: Time Map and Project Management Plan
-Quiz: Reflection on Perfectionism

Week Four:
-Pricing Your Work & Budgeting
-Assignments: DIY Fundraising Resources & Personal and Project Budget

Week Five:
-Establishing a Value Network
-Artistic Entrepreneurship
-Final Project Prep
-Assignments: Mentor Interview and Web Portfolio

Week Six:
-Intellectual Property and Copyright
-Trademarks and Patents
-Types of Businesses
-Contract Basics
-The Art of Negotiation

Week Seven:
-Publicity and Advertising
-Press Releases
-Digital and Social Media Marketing
-Assignments: Self-Promotion Plan and Press Release

Week Eight:
-Health Management
-Diet and Drugs
-Assignments: Health Management Plan and Course Reflection

Justin Sinkovich Photo

Justin Sinkovich

Throughout his career, Justin Sinkovich has started a record store and music venue, managed a record label and founded multiple music startups, including, one of the first and most influential MP3 websites. His first record store, Landspeed Records, won “Best New Business” of the year (Metro Pulse).

In 2011, the music discovery startup—Epitonic, had grown to include a music and comedy festival, a live recording session series, a record label and a management company. While teaching full time, Sinkovich remains an active entrepreneur, consultant, producer and musician.

Course: Self-Management and Entrepreneurship

"Self-management and freelancing has a very realistic approach to life. Making the tasks more personal and implementing them in the class makes me feel like I can do this in the future."

— Camila R., Columbia Online Studeney