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Winter Term Begins
Jan 7


Understand how to develop a successful, customized design experience by understanding user-centered interactions. During this course, you will be introduced to concepts in design thinking, empathy and context that will allow you to create innovative environments. A tool kit of processes, documentation and products will be explored to allow you to effectively advocate for users and justify your work. This course will provide you the foundation to develop an engaging user experience immediately applicable to your own business or career. 
  • Collaborate with students across multiple industries to gain a diverse prospective of different user experiences.  
  • Create an overall digital experience while developing a prototype—on your own schedule.  
  • Learn from active industry experts with experience in interaction design.

User experience design is the foundation of generating emotions through product interactions. Our flexible, online courses are 8-weeks long and asynchronous to accommodate your busy schedule.

What will you learn in UX/UI Design Essentials?

Week One:
-What is User Experience Design?
-What is the Role of a UX Practitioner?
-Assignment: Critical Analysis

Week Two:
-Business and Product Stakeholders
-Audience and Participant Stakeholders
-Stakeholder Personas
-Assignment: User Personas

Week Three:
-User Behavior
-Understanding User Psychology
-Mental Models
-Collecting User Behavior
-Evaluating User Behavior
-Assignment: User Journeys

Week Four:
-Content Requirements
-Information Architecture
-Content Analysis
-Heuristic Analysis
-Assignment: Card Sorting

Week Five:
-Types of User Testing
-Running a User Test
-Testing Scripts
-Reporting Findings
-Assignments: User Testing Script & Findings Matrix

Week Six:
-Design Pattern
-Visual Design
-UI vs. UX
-UI Patterns
-Assignment: Style Guides

Week Seven:
-Process and Ideation
-Paper Prototyping
-Assignments: Paper Prototype & Wireframe

Week Eight:
-Interactive Prototyping
-Getting Started with
-Interactive Prototype User Testing
-Assignments: Revised Interface & Final Case Study

Lauren Liss Photo

Lauren Liss

Lauren Liss is a professor in the Interactive Arts and Media Department. She teaches interface design, interaction theory, user experience and usability, and collaborative development. She also runs an interaction design company, *goodspark, which focuses on content management systems and usability analysis for small businesses, with a specialization in women-owned businesses and creative firms.

Liss received her Masters in Education, Learning Design and Leadership, New Learning, from the University of Illinois, where she studied knowledge acquisition and educational theory through the lens of usability and technology.

Course: UX/UI Design Essentials