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Advanced Augmented Reality Apps

As the market for augmented reality continues to grow, the demand for specialized AR skills means huge job potential for…
examples of Swift programming

App Design with Swift Programming

Build your own mobile apps and launch your coding career by learning Swift, Apple's powerful and intuitive iOS programming language.…
blockchain technology hexagons

Blockchain for Business

Businesses across every industry are quickly catching onto the disruptive power of blockchain technology. Despite its early ties to cryptocurrencies,…
a student's notebook with handwritten ideas

Creative Storytelling Featuring Ray Bradbury

Experience the transformative power of creative writing through the life and works of famed fantasy writer, Ray Bradbury. As the…
laptop and empty notebook

Creative Writing and Storytelling Essentials

There is a story inside you waiting to be told. In this introductory creative writing and storytelling course, explore new…
colorful data charts on a laptop

Data Visualization Using Excel and Tableau

Learn how to transform data into compelling graphics and dashboards using Excel and Tableau. During this course, you'll become fluent…
creative thinking during a business meeting

Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solving is the engine that drives every successful business, product, or idea. In this course, you'll learn the…

Developing Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Corporations and startups around the world are…
students discussing a course topic

Discovering Consumer Trends

Explore the art and science of user-centered business strategies in Discovering Consumer Trends. In this 8-week course, you will master…
family communicating through ASL

Foundations of American Sign Language

In this introductory American Sign Language course, you will learn basic ASL vocabulary and build conversational skills to communicate with…
lines of coding


Launch your coding career with Swift. Swift's speed and efficiency have attracted a large community of coders at all experience…
game controller with a blue background

Game Development with C# and Unity

Learn how to design and program your own video games in Game Development Using C# and Unity. This 8-week course…
the American alphabet in American Sign Language

Intermediate American Sign Language

Ready to turn your passion for American Sign Language (ASL) into proficiency? In this intermediate course, you will continue to…

Intermediate American Sign Language II

student typing in the dark

iOS App Design Patterns

Mobile app development is a rapidly growing industry with a shortage in talent. Learn the skills that employers are looking for in iOS App Design Patterns.
blackboard of scheduled events

Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Managing a successful nonprofit is a balancing act between short-term strategy and long-term vision. In this course, you will learn…
person wearing headphones and a virtual reality headset

Producing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences

Launch your career in the expanding field of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). In Producing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences,…
group of people holding their retail purchases

Retail Innovation

The future of shopping and retail is right around the corner—will you be ready? This 8-week course will get you…
student studying for an online exam

Self-Management and Entrepreneurship

Build your skills as a creative entrepreneur in this Self-Management and Entrepreneurship course with Columbia College Chicago Online.

Service Design and Systems Thinking

Service Design is the craft of weaving together human, digital, and physical touchpoint interactions over time. By using systems thinking…

Sound Design and Music for Immersive Media

Stay ahead of the curve in the fast-moving industry of immersive sound design. In this course, you will explore cutting-edge…

Understanding Human Cognition in Augmented Reality Experiences

As the Augmented Reality (AR) industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, the way we understand and create immersive…
notebook showing creative brainstorming ideas

UX/UI Design Essentials

Learn how to develop customized user-centered experiences through the process of UX/UI Design. This course will introduce you to concepts…