A series highlighting what our students, faculty and staff are reading, listening to and watching.

By: Columbia College Chicago Online News

Welcome to #Curated, a series that highlights what our students, faculty, staff and alumni are reading, listening to and watching. This edition features Eric Bailey, Director of Online Curriculum Development and Innovation for Columbia College Chicago Online.

Eric graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts concentration in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management.

What is the last book you read and what did you love or hate about it?

Na Akua by Clayton Smith

Clayton tells fantastic stories and has a gift for writing dialogue. This comedy is set in Hawaii and does a really good job of integrating local folklore and culture. Another amazing Columbia faculty member, great asset for the school.

What is the most listened-to song in your library?

“I Believe to My Soul” – Donny Hathaway

Donny is a genius and this song is an example of his finest work.

When is the first time you heard it?

Five years ago I went through a Donny Hathaway phase and bought all his albums. Everything is Everything is my favorite.

What is your top “movie night” pick? Why?

I usually pick a franchise when I’m in the mood to binge watch. It changes all the time – Indiana Jones, Alien(s), Mission Impossible, Monty Python, Die Hard, etc.. It’s like comfort food, helps me escape.

What news source do you consume every day?

I check the CNN app on my way home from work. I also read Inside Higher Ed too. A mix of current events and industry related information.

What is your favorite museum?

History of Chicago Museum on Clark. This is a loaded question. All the museums in Chicago are fantastic. I’m a huge Chicago history nerd so this museum never disappoints. It’s also close to a bunch of great restaurants and shopping options. A fine weekend adventure every time.