New courses offer innovative options for artistic entrepreneurs.

While we have aggressive plans to continuously roll out exciting new curriculum in the creative arts space, the initial suite of offerings includes foundational courses which were designed to fit well with future programming. We have taken giant steps towards a strategic commitment in online education over the past year and look forward to furthering our mission of delivering high-quality and engaging coursework for creatives and entrepreneurs.
Rob Green, Vice Provost for Digital Learning

Below are the top five reasons to consider the Columbia College Chicago Online education experience:

  1. Innovation, Online
    Discard misconceptions about isolating online courses that disconnect you from faculty and your peers. Our digital learning team has worked closely with faculty to develop a unique online experience that enhances how students interact depending on the coursework. For example, students in the American Sign Language 101 course record their assignments to receive constructive feedback on form and accuracy.
  2. Expert & Experienced Faculty
    Each of our digital learning faculty members are veteran instructors and experts in their field, so you’ll gain the same access to high quality instruction that Columbia College Chicago is known for.
  3. Fit for YOUR Life
    Working or attending school during the day? Family obligations at night? No problem. Each of our courses is designed for you to make a commitment to learning that you can keep. Complete coursework on your own clock and manage assignments from your laptop anywhere.
  4. An Affordable Investment in Learning
    We pride ourselves on delivering premiere creative instruction at a competitive rate, which is why our course rates are among the lowest among our peer institutions in Chicagoland. We believe that education should be within reach for students of all ages and skill levels.
  5. Creativity & Career
    We can help you transform your creative interests into a career. Our courses are rooted in core learning competencies but go one step further by providing you with the practical skills to launch a career. For example, students in Introduction to Social Media and Digital Strategies are tasked with launching a blog and social media campaign.

Whether you’re entering college, currently enrolled or have an established career, Columbia Online’s courses for creative entrepreneurs can help you hone your craft and build upon it in ways you never thought possible.

Register for the course that fits you today, and join the new workforce of innovators.