Our premiere faculty help students explore creative passions and turn them into careers.

You may be thinking about turning your artistic talent into a paying career or gaining professional-level expertise in a passion area.

But who’s in your corner providing the insight and strategy that can help you hone your craft and be a success?

At Columbia College Chicago Online, we are redefining e-learning by empowering seasoned faculty to translate their popular courses into a flexible, enriched online format.

These accomplished creative professionals have distinguished themselves as artists and teachers. Now, they’re ready to support you in your journey to pursue a creative career.

Learn more about the faculty behind our courses:

Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler

Fashion Entrepreneur | Visionary Leader | Social Innovator

Award-winning entrepreneur Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler is transforming the way modern brides tie the knot with her boutique studio Revolution Bridal. She owes much of her success to killer industry expertise and an inspired integrated digital marketing strategy. Through her unique curriculum, you will learn to gain and engage social media followers, promote your brand with digital advertising and launch a marketing strategy that works.

“I learned that a powerful digital strategy can be the fuel that powers your business, operations and marketing strategy – and I’m excited to share my insight to help others be successful,” she says.

Peter Cook

Chair & Associate Professor – Department of ASL-English Interpretation

Internationally known deaf performing artist and scholar Peter Cook is passionate about educating students about the shared language and cultural identity of the Deaf community. In his uniquely formatted course, you will engage in active language production in an online classroom environment. You’ll also develop expressive and receptive ASL skills that are the foundation of creative applications.

“I don’t want students to get hung up on putting ASL into English or attaching the two languages. Rather, I use pantomime, storytelling, acting and movement to help students gain expressive and receptive ASL skills so they can become cultural and linguistic mediators across diverse communities,” he says.

Tom Dowd

Game Design Veteran | Co-Creator of Award-Winning Shadowrun Role-Playing Game

Tom DowdTom Dowd is a 30-year veteran of the game design business—think Shadowrun, BattleTech and EarthDawn game lines. He believes that the key to developing your talent as a game designer, artist or programmer lies in understanding the critical elements of what makes gaming fun. In his course, you will learn about the processes and practices of the game development industry, how to discover the fun factor and develop your own game concept.

“When it comes to game design, the technical aspects are important, but the ultimate challenge is to make a game fun for thousands of users,” he says.

Justin Sinkovich

Co-Founder of Epitonic | Founder of betterPropaganda.com | Former New Media Manager at Touch and Go Records

As the founder of Epitronic, one of the first free mp3 download sites and a growing enterprise that includes a music and comedy festival, record label and management company, Justin Sinkovich knows what it takes to sustain an arts, entertainment and media career. In his course, you’ll learn to understand the business side of a creative career, and how to effectively develop, promote and self-manage your brand.

“As an artist and successful entrepreneur, I have a personal passion for helping other artists gain the confidence to get themselves out there and make a success of their artistry,” he says.

Sam Weller

Two-Time Bram Stoker Award-Winner | Authorized Ray Bradbury Biographer | Fiction/Non-fiction Writer and Public Speaker

Sam Weller—best-selling author, prize-winning journalist and official biographer of Ray Bradbury—has made a successful career in creative writing. Writing structure, character development and self-editing are essential to his craft. Under his direction you will engage in a writing workshop and exercise your creative writing talent in different genres and forms while providing and embracing feedback from peers.

“I believe in teaching people how to be good writers and expanding on their talents to make them job-ready,” he says.