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Artist. Associate Professor of Art.


By: Columbia College Chicago News

Welcome back to the Monday Hustle! This week’s Monday Hustle features Taylor Hokanson, Creative Coding and Design with Arduino course author.

Taylor describes what he does in three words, “think, make, repeat.”

In order to start his Monday off the right way, Taylor needs a clean studio, a stable internet connection and a pile of recently arrived materials. The last thing that inspired Taylor was the “Altekruse,” a type of three-dimensional puzzle made from 12 identical pieces.

Taylor’s first industry job involved casting, welding and finishing bronze sculptures. He gives this advice to others pursuing a similar career, “Start out by making things that satisfy you. Next, decide who your audience is, then make things for them too (and stop worrying about everyone else).”

When we asked Taylor when his career started to seem possible, he said, “It still seems impossible from time to time.” However, he knew he was finally succeeding in his career when he decided to commute from Chicago to Carbondale, Illinois every week for a teaching gig. Overall, Taylor’s ultimate career aspirations include: expanding the field of art through the creative application of new technologies, collaborating with interesting people and learning and making something new every day.

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