Integrate blockchain into your business strategy

After blockchain burst onto the tech scene, it quickly became a synonym for cryptocurrency. However, businesses across every industry are already realizing that the potential for blockchain extends far beyond Bitcoin.

Blockchain has the power to protect consumer data, improve transaction speed, and provide computing capability that is 256 times faster than the top 500 supercomputers combined. While blockchain is still new to many industries, experts predict that by 2020, 56 percent of businesses will be using the technology. For businesses of any size, it is not a question of “if” but “when” blockchain will become a necessity, and the only barrier to entry is how much you know.

To break down that barrier, Columbia Online has launched a new 8-week course, Blockchain for Business. The fully-online course will demystify the fundamentals of blockchain, provide use cases of industries that are already integrating the technology, and give students the tools to begin implementing blockchain into any business or career. Learn the origins of cryptocurrency, the technology behind Hyperledger projects, and the differences between distributed ledger technologies.

Most importantly, the course is designed to provide immediate, practical applications according to individual goals. Whether you are representing a business or are looking for one of the many high-paying jobs in blockchain, the course will provide the foundation you need to get started. Students will walk away with a proposal that outlines a clear strategy and plan for decentralizing digital information in their business using blockchain.

Students will also get the opportunity to work directly with course instructor and Blockchain pioneer, Gordon Meyer. With over 20+ years’ experience in marketing and immersive technology, Gordon has devoted his career to helping businesses thrive on the edge of innovation. Students will get an insider perspective on the applications of blockchain to healthcare, law, media, transportation, the financial sector, and more.

With all of its diverse potential, blockchain is an inevitable investment to any business, but like with any emerging technology, early adoption is key to the highest possible return on that investment.

Blockchain for Business begins Monday, March 4, and is currently open for individual or group enrollment. Click here to enroll or for more information about enrolling a group, contact Danielle Rauser at

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