The upcoming AR/VR courses have been featured in a number of blogs and videos.

The upcoming AR/VR courses have been featured in a number of blogs and videos. Below you will find a roundup of some of our favorite features and detailed interviews with our newest AR/VR course authors.

Columbia College Chicago Online Launches Augmented and Virtual Reality, Coding Courses

AR/VR Magazine

AR/VR Magazine describes itself as “an industry-leading resource for all things augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 content, sim-tech and immersive experiences.”  Their feature on CCCO highlights some of the details of the course offerings, including:

  • Our 360 audio production for virtual reality course is the first of its kind
  • We are one of the few higher education institutions in the country to offer AR/VR courses online
  • Details of how AR/VR first impacted digital entertainment and its new application in multiple industries
  • Continued integration of innovative technology platforms in CCCO classrooms and online course offerings

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Developing Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps
Course Author: Austin McCasland

Discover more about course author Austin as he provides details regarding his inspiration, career advice for AR/VR app developers, and his own career aspirations.

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360 Audio Production for Virtual Reality
Course Author: Joel Douek

Watch the full Facebook Live interview with Joel as he reveals how important audio can be in virtual reality, his work in Japanese cartoons (Pokémon), and how he went from a job at the United Nations to the music industry.

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Producing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences
Course Author: Dekker Dreyer

Find out about Dekker’s first industry job, what he needs to start his Mondays off right, and how he would describe what he does in just 3 words in this detailed Q&A with the course author.

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If you are interested in AR/VR, you can review the entire catalog of AR/VR courses that CCCO offers. Enroll now as the Spring Term begins on April 30th.