Think like a designer, observe like an analyst, and plan like a guru.

This fall Columbia College Chicago Online released three online courses designed to reframe the way you think about business. The courses go beyond the buzzword of innovation to deliver a fresh perspective and tangible skills that can be immediately integrated into your day-to-day routine. This includes everything from prototyping initial ideas to transforming your resulting data into persuasive visualizations. Students can even get in on the ground floor of predictive marketing with practical ethnographic audience research.

Because the courses are taught directly by industry experts, students get right to the most practical information for whatever industry they are working in with the ability to ask questions along the way.

“We want to provide real-world skills to help students make the best decisions for their businesses,” said Kayla Jutzi, Lead Instructional Designer for Columbia Online.

Through the flexibility of our 8-week online format, students can level up in their careers without having to put them on hold. So whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a mid-career employee ready for a promotion, or a manager who wants to empower your team with new skills — here is a look at what you can expect with Columbia Online.

Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving

In the past few years, the concept of Design Thinking has been transforming the way companies create and develop products. Engineers, product developers, and artists are finding ways to use the “designerly approach” to reframe their process and make innovation more efficient. This course applies the Design Thinking process to an issue that determines the success or failure of any business — problem solving. Learn how to reframe any problem into an opportunity and back up your solutions with user-tested prototypes and the constant cycle of creative ideation. 

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Discovering Consumer Trends

It’s no secret that being able to predict market trends is the key to growth in any industry. The actual process of analyzing your audience and creating products fit for future market demand is a harder code to crack. This course breaks the process down step by step. By using ethnographic research techniques, learning how predicable trends work, and creating a “futurecast” for your business, you will be able to better plan and pitch your business.

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Data Visualization Using Excel and Tableau

In the Digital Age, data makes the world go around. Having the data is one thing, but being able to use that data to drive your business is another. This course will walk you through the technical skills you need to make graphs and tables in both Excel and Tableau. You will then use those skills to create visualizations that are tailor-made for your audience, goals, and outcomes. By the end of the course, you will be able to turn your data into a compelling story that fuels your business and bottom line.

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Ready to Get Started?

At Columbia Online, we believe that creative communities and cutting-edge education should be accessible to everyone. And when it comes to growing your business, you don’t have time to go to spend three hours at a campus or put any progress on hold. Joining Columbia Online gives you and your team the ability to learn from anywhere around the world with an internet connection.

As an added bonus, by working with other students outside your industry, you will be able to broaden your perspective and get new ideas to power your business. For individuals, click any of the links above to enroll in less than ten minutes. If you’re interested in enrolling your team, please reach out to Danielle Rauser at to learn more about our corporate pricing and partnership opportunities.