Check out Columbia College Chicago Online’s new courses in UX design, the history of Chicago, managing nonprofits, creative storytelling and coding & design.

Written by: Columbia College Chicago Online News
Photo by: Richard Uten

On campuses around the country, each new school year brings a new set of professors, roommates and fresh faces to meet.

But what about online learners? For them, it’s all about the classes.

At Columbia College Chicago Online, the list of new online courses is exceptionally diverse—ranging from technology-focused courses like Introduction to UX, to mind-bending courses on writing techniques such as Ray Bradbury and Creative Storytelling.

Here’s why they’re worth a look.

Introduction to User Experience Design

From nonprofits and government agencies to Fortune 500s and new start-ups—user experience is one of the most important fields in our increasingly digital world. Wherever there’s a website to explore, there’s a need to revolutionize how users interact.

In this course, active industry experts introduce concepts in design thinking, empathy and context—along with processes, documentation and products that can help propel innovative environments. Students will collaborate across industries to develop a prototype digital experience.

Nonprofit Arts Management

Today’s nonprofit landscape is more expansive than ever. In nearly every corner of the arts world, there are organizations working to bolster involvement and raise awareness.

In this course, students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to begin a career as a successful creative entrepreneur in nonprofit management. Guided by seasoned professionals from arts and cultural organizations, students will delve into the nuances of fundraising, grant writing, board governance, volunteer management and regulatory impacts.

Ray Bradbury and Creative Storytelling

Like so many brilliant artists, legendary author Ray Bradbury’s impact extends far beyond the pages of classic, forward-thinking books like “Fahrenheit 451.”

Bradbury’s life and literature are the backdrop for this writing course, taught by authorized biographer and award-winning course author Sam Weller, while students explore creative writing perspectives and strategies. Students will hone their writing skills and ignite their imaginations through a deeper understanding of Bradbury’s motivation, approach and processes.

History of Chicago

Quite simply, Chicago is one of “those cities”—a place where prodigious change, industrial growth and prosperity are woven together with tragedy, controversy and social unrest—and ultimately into the fabric of our nation.

In a course based on his book “Chicago: A Biography,” Chicago historian Dominic A. Pacyga explores this colorful city’s evolution by highlighting its most defining moments. Students will learn how Chicago’s layout and its citizenry were shaped by labor struggles, ethnic diversity and housing issues during periods of growth.

Creative Coding and Design With Arduino

Today many artists and designers use creative coding to design expressive, functional products and environments—and open-source platforms, such as the Arduino software, allow anyone to add sound, light, movement and interactivity to projects.

This course teaches students electrical theory and essential coding concepts they’ll need to build simple electrical circuits while controlling behavior. Students will create live visuals and designs, art installations, projections, sound art, advertising and product prototypes.