Are you thinking about channeling your creative talent into a money-making enterprise? Or just ready to dive deeply into an artistic passion?

At Columbia College Chicago Online, we’ve redefined learning with convenient, flexible online courses that can help you reinforce and build new skills or translate your creative talent into a paying career. Each course offers an affordable opportunity to gain practical skills while pursuing education at your own pace.

Read more about our online courses for artistic entrepreneurs. All courses are taught by our premier creative and entrepreneurial faculty who are distinguished artists and teachers:

Introduction to Social Media & Digital Strategies

No matter your creative field, to make money you need to connect your brand to the right audience. Digital communication is key. This course teaches how to attract and retain social media followers, promote your brand with digital advertising and craft a digital media strategy that effectively blends advertising, public relations and journalism.

Develop your technical skills in social media and digital communication and learn how to translate your talent into a rewarding career.

American Sign Language 101

New opportunities could be on your horizon when you leverage your creativity and passion for communication to learn American Sign Language (ASL). This unique online course is taught by Deaf instructors with talent in communication and the arts. They lead you step-by-step in developing the expressive and receptive skills needed for conversations in ASL about activities, surroundings and everyday experiences.

Learn how to communicate using ASL and broaden your understanding of Deaf culture.

Introduction to Game Development

Discover what it takes to become a game designer, artist or programmer. This unique curriculum is led by a veteran of the game design industry who shares inside information about the industry’s processes and practices. You will explore different game genres, develop your basic game-design skills and create your own game concept.

Get professional advice from an expert and learn how to take your place in the game development industry.

Introduction to Creative Writing

From nonfiction to poetry, this course will help you become proficient in writing across various genres and forms and become job-ready as a creative writer. You will learn to analyze and critique your own writing and provide feedback to others. Plus, you will gain valuable insight and direction from literary experts about editorial style and where to submit your work for publication.

Exercise your creative talent and take the next step to getting paid for your writing.

Self-Management and Entrepreneurship

A savvy business mindset can be the bridge to earning an income with your artistic talent. This course will help you understand how to navigate the professional world as a working artist. Learn how to build your business, manage your creative practice, find freelance work and clients, promote your brand, protect yourself legally and financially, make money and manage your income.

Monetize your creative talent and learn how to launch a self-sustaining career.

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