Check out the five new courses announced for the October 23 term.

Columbia College Chicago Online is excited to announce five additional interactive, online courses will be offered this October to blend your creative spirit with your entrepreneurial mindset. The following five courses include:

History of Chicago

Take an adventure through the history of one of America’s greatest cities. Throughout its history, the city of Chicago has undergone a vast array of developments, and there is no better way to prepare for the future by learning for the past. This course journeys through the city’s historic milestones and teaches you the ever-evolving social, economic, and cultural significance of the Windy City.

Explore major historical themes while developing an understanding of society and change in Chicago.

Nonprofit Arts Management

Develop the skills you need to succeed in the nonprofit world. In this unique course, you will not only learn how to manage a nonprofit organization, you will enhance your repertoire with fundraising, grant writing, board governance, volunteer management and regulatory impact abilities. With the skills you will be able to immediately apply them to your career.

Learn the fundamentals of nonprofit management.

Ray Bradbury and Creative Storytelling

Embark on your writing career under the guide of one of our greatest imaginative writers. This course equips you with the skills of author Ray Bradbury, writer of the literary classic Fahrenheit 451. Under the tutelage of his official, authorized biographer, study Bradbury’s creative process and learn how to craft a captivating story.

Establish your creative dreams through the lens of a true creative visionary.

Introduction to User Experience Design

Discover how to build a participant-centered interaction. With this course, you will be able to begin designing with user thought, empathy, and context in order to craft more engaging experiences for your users: all of this taught by a veteran on interaction theory and user experience.

Learn to develop a customized experience for a target market.

Creative Coding and Design with Arduino

Expand your knowledge with creative coding. Coding is a core skill in today’s rapidly evolving technological world. With this unique curriculum, you will learn to create computer generated art with Arduino that is not only functional, but creatively expressive.

Create complex art while learning the fundamentals of Arduino.

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