Columbia College Chicago Online launches its new Producing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences course on April 30

Dekker Dreyer is Chief Creative Officer of immersive studio Clever Fox and Course Author of the new Producing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences course at Columbia College Chicago Online.

As Chief Creative Officer at Clever Fox I am constantly evolving. On any given day I can be creating almost anything. From live action to animation to gaming projects, everything is on the table and I love the challenge. This is why my experience in television combines very well with my training as a designer, illustrator, and photographer. In the landscape of AR/VR you need to be able to rapidly switch gears and grasp new concepts.

For example, in 2018 alone I have been asked to conceptualize projects like envisioning a new new game using augmented reality for a popular TV game show and bringing an immersive location experience to life for a major video game franchise’s nationwide tour. Sometimes a company with a new technology, like a recent client who places 360 degree projections in high-end hotel rooms, will contact us looking to create something original and unique to showcase their abilities. In AR/VR you need to be nimble and confident to take on this level of diversity in your work. Although I’ve created content for Warner Bros, Disney, Star Wars, Hallmark, Syfy, and other household names, I am still constantly learning.

Although I focus my experience primarily on entertainment, I see a bright future for augmented and virtual reality in training, medical, data visualization, therapy, industrial design… so many fields will be touched by this technology in the next decade. I see a future where an AR/VR department is as ubiquitous in the job force as marketing, sales or IT.

With that in mind I created the Columbia College Chicago Online Producing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences course to share everything that I have learned with people who are passionate about creating in this space. I recognize that it is difficult to get a handle on everything that is asked of us as creators and there has not been a course that looks at the connective tissue between all of the different applications of AR and VR the way this course does.

One-on-one interview with Dekker Dreyer about his career and the AR/VR course he created for Columbia Online.

You will leave understanding live production, interactive production and the history of AR/VR. You will also create a fully-functional portfolio piece that you build from scratch. No other course in the field is this comprehensive or inviting for learners who do not have a background in software development. This is important for me because I do not have a background in coding and I have shaped the course in such a way that if you are like me you will be able to create just as easily as someone who does. Even if you do have coding experience, you will benefit from all of the planning and creative processes that we cover. It is truly a merger of creativity and technology that can work for anyone who has a desire to be a part of the virtual reality community.

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