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Welcome to the Columbia College Chicago Online community! Though our students study all around the world, they are bound together by a shared ambition to explore new skills and find their creative niche in emerging industries.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your career or find your new passion, our online curriculum is designed to give you the resources and support to turn your goals into realities.

I am very happy with the results of this course! I have learned valuable skills that will help me create impressive virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Student: John S

Why become a student with Columbia Online?

By enrolling with Columbia Online, you are joining a community of creative self-starters who are pushing the boundaries in industries like augmented and virtual reality, app design, ASL, coding, creative writing, and more. Read about John’s experience as an AR/VR professional who pushed how own boundaries to go back to school mid-career.

Online students get the unique benefits of:

  • Flexible scheduling: All online courses are asynchronous in format and taught 100% online to let you study anywhere and learn at your own pace.
  • Tangible career outcomes: Assignments and final projects are designed to give you practical takeaways that can be immediately added to your portfolio or resume.
  • A network of industry professionals: Each course is taught by experts and pioneers in their fields. From Disney content producers to Google software engineers, our instructors are bringing cutting-edge perspectives and industry insights.

My favorite part of the course was hands down my teachers! The videos were very well made, entertaining, concise, and very fun to watch and learn from.

I’m really happy with my experience with Columbia College Online. It provided me an opportunity to be a part of the Columbia College legacy and to be a student of their wonderful ASL department.

American Sign Language Student: Mariam E

Behind the Scenes of Game Development with C# and Unity

Have you ever dreamt of building your own video game? Game Development with C# and Unity is an 8-week course that will empower you to create your own first-person narrative game. Hear from one student, Harold V., who has been working hard to create his own interactive video game using C# coding and Unity software.

“I am loving this course! Our instructor David Antognoli is great, and he’s made this course fun as well. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get started,” said Harold.

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